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TPG's e-Line is a highly transparent point-to-point Ethernet service, designed to link office locations or head offices with data centres or major facilities. This product provides complete flexibility for redundancy, resiliency and reliability. TPG's point-to-point and point-to-multipoint offerings - connecting 2 or more geographic sites in a hub-and-spoke configuratio - enables fast, secure and scalable Ethernet connectivity. This allows for the efficient carriage of bulk data transfer such as SAN Replication and WAN back up.



Each connection is given a unique encapsulation ID
to create an ePipe that encapsulates all data and runs
across TPG's private backbone.

High performance

Access speeds from 512K to 10Gbps (and higher in some
locations), depending on Access technology and location.

Protocol transparency

Full transparency for any Layer 3 protocols to offer
complete flexibility and legacy support.

Classes of Service

Available in performance configurations to suit various
applications including Standard, Business and Carrier.

Jumbo frames

Increased efficiency and reduced fragmentation with
frames that carry up to 4 times more payload data.

Comprehensive reporting

Web-based reporting on availability, adherence to
QoS profiles, latency, jitter and packet loss.

Parameter Specifications
Configuration Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint
Transport Technology MPLS Core with various Access technologies/clear transmission
Access Networks Fibre400
Mid-Band Ethernet
Ethernet over SDH
Ethernet over Fibre
Third party Ethernet
Bandwidth 2Mbps-10Gbps
Bandwidth will depend on the Access speed
MPLS CoS Options Standard: best effort delivery
Business: assured delivery
Carrier: expedited forwarding with end-to-end latency, jitter and packet loss performance contract
Ethernet Frame Size (MTU)1 Business and Carrier:
   Fast Ethernet interfaces: 1531 bytes
   Gigabit Ethernet interfaces: 8960 bytes
   10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces: 8960 bytes
Standard: 1526 bytes
VLAN Transparency1 Business and Carrier: customer VLANs are supported transparently2
Standard: some limitations apply, contact TPG
Protocol Transparency1 & 3 Business and Carrier: Layer 2/3 supported transparently2
Standard: some limitations apply, contact TPG
QoS Transparency TPG does not adhere to, nor modify customer assigned priority bits (802.1p/DSCP)
Site Requirements Rack space (1RU) and 240V AC 50Hz power to be provided by the Customer
Security Ethernet VLL ePipe based on RFC 4447 and RFC 4448
Reporting Access Availability and
Performance Reporting
Carrier: Access availability and performance reporting, RFC2544 compliance
test report at service handover
Business: Access availability and performance reporting
Standard: some limitations apply, contact TPG
Contract Terms Minimum contract term is 12 months. Longer contract terms (e.g. 24 months, 36 months
and longer) are available and attract term discounts.
Provisioning Targets Installation (<1Gbps): TPG fibred building or Mid-Band Ethernet exchange - 20 working days
Modification: physical changes - 20 working days
logical changes - 5 working days
Outage Restoration Targets1 Metro: 4 hours
Regional: next business day
MEF Certification MEF 1.0 (MEF 9 and 14) listed under TPG subsidiary AAPT
1 Access network dependant
2 Where delivered via Ethernet Trunk Access the customer's equipment must support VLAN stacking
3 Where delivered via Ethernet Trunk Access the customer must tunnel Layer 2 control protocols

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